MRSM Muar 94/95 Let’s Rock On Ended. Terima Kasih Semua



Masih kepenatan. Untuk 400 gambar-gambar yang telah diambil oleh jurugambar profesional kami. Sila lawati galery di . Terima kasih kepada semua yang hadir & sponsors. Akan direview dalam masa terdekat. Let’s Rock On .

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Day 1 - 7th March 2009 (Saturday)

  • 2.00pm : Check -in. 
    You may come as early as 12 noon, coz you could bring your kids to the Water Park.  There will be a free show of Stilt Walker & Balloon Scupturing Clown. And you may try the Fish Spa for RM15 (30mins) while watching the kids play. (Fish Spa is not included in our package)
  • 5.oopm - 6.40pm : Mandi-manda at Water Park
    There will be ‘Friendly Beach Fun Activities’ at the Water Park, provided by the resort. If lucky, we could see the “Stunning China Acrobatic Previow‘ show. So masa ni kita boleh berkenalan2, bersembang2 dll…
  • 8 .00pm - 12 pm : Dinner (Buffet) & Karaoke
    Sambil mkn2, akan ada ice -breaking session, ucapan dan bacaan doa.
    There will be  also fun & enjoy indoor games, conducted by Eliza (Peah) & Linda (Anid). The restaurant is next to Kids Club room so may ‘leave’ your kids there (it’s Free , open from 8am-10pm). Tv, playground, sand art are available for the kids to explore their creativity. Ohh, ada orang jaga, dont worry!:) Let’s say, your kids are acting like ‘cacing-kepanasan’, you may bring them to watch cartoon movie (wayang pacak kot: 7.30 - 910) - at the open-air Pavilion Stage.

Day 2 - 8th March 2009 (Sunday)

7.00am - 8.00am: Breakfast.
8.00am - 8.30am: Musical Morning Exercise at Pavilion Stage
8.40am - 10.40 am: SUKANEKA!!
11.00am : Gift & Closing ceremony
Sessi bergambar
Then boleh mandi lagi!!!

Actually ada byk activities yang ada kat Tiara yang boleh kita join. Ada yang free such as Sauna, Magic Show, Talent Show, Acrobatic Show and others. Yang berbayar ialah games in the Games Room, Bicycle Rental, Fish Spa and many mores.


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Dear Frens,

Kindly be informed that our Reunion’s fee has been increased to :
Adult: RM 130 per person
Kid (3 and above): RM 30 per person

This is because of the increasing cost in rooms, karaoke and telematch fee. For those who have paid with the previous amount, you may pay the balance upon check-in/registration. We have negotiated our best to get the lower price, and we are still negotiating. If we manage to get more sponsorship, you will get your money refund. (If you would like to see the budget, we can email to you)

Hopefully, the increment won’t affect the excitement to meet our friends after 13 years (or 6 years) and you have a chance to bring your kids to have fun here! See you there!

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Dear my friends,

Due to some technical issues, the venue for our event is yet to be confirmed. But don’t worry, we will annouce the new place SOON! (It will be held somewhere which is accessible to all : Melaka/PD/KL)

We would like to apologize for all inconveniences caused.  Any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Stay tuned!;)

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To all members (dalam dan luar negara, datang or tak datang reunion;)

We are looking for sponsorship for the following items. You may contribute a full portion or a small amount of the total. Your contribution will help to raise funds for ‘Let’s Rock On’ event. (The event budget will be sent upon request).




1) Photographer

To be confirmed

Amran sponsor
2) Karaoke fee


3) Banner

To be confirmed

You may contact Amran (r0kawa(at) for details.
4) T-Shirt
5) BBQ


No BBQ - just dinner
6) Sukaneka


harga sewa tpt
upah orang : belum kira
7) Hampers


For Sukaneka and Karaoke Competition
8) Door gift for Kids


9) Other contributions

  • Mineral Water for Telematch
  • CD Karaoke (perlukan pinjaman, sebab resort tak provide)


For those who wish to contribute may do so through money transfer. My account numbers are:

Ainee Suriani Bahaman
1) Maybank - 155014914036
2) CIMB - 04080022535522
Once you have made the transaction, please kindly notify me by sms or call (  013-6182544   /   013-6102545   (amran)).

Your kindness and generosity is much appreciated. Please support, THANKSSS!

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Hi all,

For the time being this is the tentative program. The final program will be here once the it has been discuss with the resort’s management. 

DAY 1 - 7 March 2009

12.00 - 2.00        

- Registration and Check In ( subject to discussion with the resort’s management)

   Lunch will not be provided

2.00 - 4.00    

- Ice Breaking Session

It has been ages since we get together, it’s time to introduce friends to family members and vice versa.We are also planning some EXCITING slide shows

5.00 - 6.00

- Free Activities

  Please feels free to re-click with old buddies. Gossiping, teh tarik, gedik santai (whatever!!) 

8.00 - 10.00

- BBQ dinner and KARAOKE

(You are most welcome to bring your own favorite KARAOKE cd to ensure your winning- oh yes I forgot to mention, IT’ IS A COMPETITION PEEPS!)


DAY 2- 8 MARCH 2009

8.00 - 9.00

- Breakfast

9.00 - 11.30

- Sukaneka

12.00 -1.00

- Lunch and Closing Ceremony


- Departures



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Salam, kat bawah ni adalah senarai yang akan sentiasa diupdate berdasarkan senarai confirm. Sila war-warkan acara ini kepada kawan-kawan yang lain.

Sains 1
Elizawati Fattah - PAID
Norhaslinda Mahadi - PAID
Zaki Mas’ud
Mohd Akhbar Mohd Yusof - PAID

Sains 2

Ahmad Amran Kapi - PAID
Azariah Hapadz
Siti Nadian - PAID

Sains 3

Ainee Suriani Bahaman - PAID

Sains 4
Kamarul Ariffin Raub - PAID
Zalwanie Zalkaply - PAID
Ajak - PAID
Noorazman (Nobit) - PAID

Sains 5
Norhisham Abdul Manap- PAID
Azwin Haron - PAID

Sains 6
Dodiana Hasbullah - *PAID

Sains 7
Siti Nur Faridah (fieda)

Sains 9
Ahmad Faizul Bin Ahmad Shayuti - PAID

Sains 10

Amir Kamaruzaman- *PAID
Agustinnie - PAID

Sains 11
Ruzaime Effendi Zainal - *PAID
Muhamad Zaki Busra (Bob)- PAID
Khadijah Radzi (KD) - *PAID
Shafudin Yacob (Udin) - *PAID

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Ini senarai AJK Kelas yang dipilih untuk membantu perjalanan reunion ini. Harap korang dapat beri kerjasama ye;)

Sc 1 >> Anid (you may appoint others since you are in the reunion team)
Sc 2 >> Dian
Sc 3 >> Rona
Sc 4 >> Wanie
(you may appoint others since you are in the reunion team)
Sc 5 >> Changuk
Sc 6 >> Zamri Kanip
(setakat ni Zamri sahaja yg register)
Sc 7 >> Fieda
Sc 8 >> Mohd Faizal
Sc 9 >> Ahmad Faizul
Sc 10 >> Daud
(setakat ni Daud sahaja yg register)
Sc 11 >> Bob (you may appoint others since you are in the reunion team)

Tugas-tugas AJK:
1) Contact your X-classmates.
- as many as possible..I know ada yang MIA;)

2) Promote this event.

3) Confirming their attendance.
- if possible before/by 18hb Feb 2009.

4) Collect fee;)
- if possible before/by 25th Feb 2009.
- can pay 50% first.

Korang boleh email aku (casainee (at), and aku boleh provide info2 dan contact2 yang aku ada.
Sekiranya AJK ingin menarik diri, sila lah cari pengganti. Harap2 berjaya reunion kali ni..Amiin!  Thanks!


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Reunion MRSM Muar 2003

Reunion MRSM Muar 2003

As I promised, below are the details of our reunion for this year.

Venue: (NEW !)
No. 1, PD Tiara, Batu 13, Jalan Pantai
Pasir Panjang, 71250 Port Dickson,
Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus, Malaysia.

Date: 7th – 8th March 2009 (2D 1N)
Estimated: 100 adults + 20 kids

Payment: (NEW !)
Adult: RM 100 RM 130 per person
Kid (3-7 yrs 3 and above): RM 20 RM 30 per person
- bayaran ini termasuk rooms, makan, bbq, karoke, sukaneka, door gifts & prizes.

Kalau nak join without rooms - RM50 per person, kids - RM10.

Sila confirmkan kehadiran anda, kerana saya dah book & bayar deposit;)
Cara bayaran :
Ainee Suriani Bahaman
1) Maybank - 155014914036
2) CIMB - 04080022535522

Any queries, pls dont hesitate to contact:
1) Me (Ainee) -   013 6182544  , casainee (at)
2) Amran -   013 6102545  , r0kawa (at)
3) Wanie -   012 5100977  , zalwanie (at)
4) Eliza -   019 2626756  , elizafattah (at)
5) Anid -   013 2538565  , lyndahadi (at)

Sapa nk tolong or jadi AJK, you are most welcome! Tolong passkan info ni kat kawan2 sbb aku rasa ramai lagi tak join group ni or register kat sini

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